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The Adventures of Hazel & Atwood

The Adventures of Hazel & Atwood – aka 2Woodies – is a collection of digital banners on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of 150 tokens uniquely generated from over 400 traits. The collection showcases Woodie #10 & Woodie #1520 on a backpacking adventure around the world.

The Story

Arden heard rumors of two of his fellow woodies, whom the logger had shipped to a land far, far away.

Miraculously, we ended up in the same place, and thus began our backpacking journey around the world, with the aim of finding our way back home to Wondermist Forest. Our story was like no other. We hiked through mountains and valleys, swam across rivers and oceans and encountered endless animals who helped us along the way. Mother Nature, in that sense, was doing everything in her power to facilitate our voyage.

What we discovered along the way would forever change us.

We marveled at natural wonders, watched the sky change its colors a million times, heard birds unknown to us sing beautiful tunes and were awe struck by the magnificence of the human-made monuments we came across. We began to realize that the only interaction we had with humans was through what we experienced with the evil logger. After seeing firsthand the good things many humans were doing, it dawned on us that not all of them are like the logger. 

We were happy to see that many, many humans are good and kind, just like us.

Powered by the knowledge we gained along our journey, we looked forward to returning home to our friends, and being able to share with them everything we had learned and discovered.

Come along, follow our journey and share our story with your friends!


Digital and Real Life Benefits

Digital Banners

Holders will receive banner art. The Hazel & Atwood Adventures Scenes are 1500x500px digital banners uniquely generated from over 400 traits and can be used on all your social profiles, especially Twitter.

Activity Pack

Holders will receive the first published activity pack in print format for FREE (Just pay the shipping charges). The pack will include a coloring book, a poster and a stickers pack. It will make a nice Christmas gift.

Future Drops

Preferential pricing (FREE when possible) and access to anything dropped in the future: Mints, Books, Sticker Packs, Children Merchandise. Genesis token holders will always be rewarded for believing early on in the project’s vision.

IP Licensing

Casting calls for Woodies holders: If you hold Woodies Generative Characters, you will be able to license those to us against royalties. Woodies will be used in story publishing, animated series and merchandise.


What’s coming after mint!



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